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State reasons for balancing of rotating elements of machine. Explain balancing concept.

Reasons for balancing of rotating elements of machine: The balancing of the moving parts both rotating and reciprocating of such machine is having greater importance. Because, if these parts are not balanced properly then the unbalanced dynamic forces can cause serious consequences, which are harmful to the life of the machinery itself, the human beings and all the property around them. These unbalanced forces not only increase the load on the bearings and stresses in various members, but also produces unpleasant and dangerous vibrations in them.

Define following terms Fluctuation of energy, co-efficient of fluctuation of energy, co-efficient of fluctuation speed, maximum fluctuation of energy

Fluctuations of energy: The variations of energy above and below the mean resisting torque line are called fluctuations of energy.

Coefficient of fluctuation of energy: It may be defined as the ratio of the maximum fluctuation of energy to the work done per cycle. Mathematically, Coefficient of fluctuation of energy, E = Maximum fluctuation of energy/Work done per cycle


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