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Explain the term swept volume (V s )


Explain the term swept volume (V s )
i) I.C. engine
ii) Reciprocating air compressor


(i)  Swept Volume (VS) w.r.t I.C.Engine: The volume swept through by the piston in moving between top dead centre and bottom dead centre is called swept volume or piston displacement. It is denoted by VS. It is equal to the area of the piston multiplied by its stroke length. Therefore, Swept Volume = π/4xD2 xL

Where D = bore of the cylinder in m, and

L = stroke length in m.

(ii) Swept Volume (VS) w.r.t. Reciprocating air compressor: It is the actual volume of air taken in during suction stroke. It is expressed in m3 . Swept volume when expressed in m3 /min, it is known as piston displacement.