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A Single slider crank mechanism:

Given: Crank AB = 20 mm = 0.02 m, C. R. BC = 80 mm = 0.08 m

N = 1000 rpm, ωBA= 2πN/60 = 2π x 1000/60 = 104.7 rad/sec

VBA = ωBA x AB = 104.7 x 0.02 = 2.09 m/s

From velocty diagram: Velocity of C w.r.t. B -

VCB = vector cb = 1.15 m/s

Angular velocity of Connecting rod ‘BC’ ωCB = VCB / CB = 1.15/0.08 = 14.375 rad /sec

Velocity of slider ‘C’

VC= vector ac = 2 m/sec

Define the following terms related to cams.

i) Trace point : It is a reference point on the follower and is used to generate the pitch curve. In case of knife edge follower, the knife edge represents the trace point and the pitch curve corresponds to the cam profile. In a roller follower, the centre of the roller represents the trace point.

For a single slider crank mechanism , state the formulae to calculate by analytical method – Also state the meaning of each term.

i) Velocity of slider:

                                Vp = w.r [sinθ + sin2θ/2n ]


                  Vp - velocity of slider

w- angular velocity

θ – angle of crank to line of stroke ‘PO’

n- l/r = ratio of length of connecting rod to crank radius.

ii) Acceleration of slider:

               fp = w2 r(cos θ + cos2θ/n)

                 where, fp – acceleration of slider

iii) Angular velocity of connecting rod.:


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