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State the advantages of lubricant additives (any four)....


State the advantages of lubricant additives (any four).


Additives  (1) Detergents – To keep engine parts, such as piston and piston rings, clean & free from deposits. (2) Dispersants – To suspend & disperse material that could form varnishes, sludge etc that clog the engine. (3) Anti – wear – To give added strength & prevent wear of heavily loaded surfaces such as crank shaft rods & main bearings. (4) Corrosion inhibitors – To fight the rust wear caused by acids moisture. Protect vital steel & iron parts from rust & corrosion. (5) Foam inhibitors – control bubble growth, break them up quickly to prevent frothing & allow the oil pump to circulate oil evenly. (6)Viscosity index improver – added to adjust the viscosity of oil. (7) Pour point depressant - improves an oil ability to flow at very low temperature