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State the applications of reciprocating compressor......


State the applications of reciprocating compressor and rotary compressor (4 each).


Applications of Reciprocating Compressor  1. In spray painting shop. 2. In workshop for cleaning machines. 3. For operation of pneumatic tool like rock drill, vibrator etc. 4. In automobile service station to clean vehicle. 5. To drive air motors in coal mines. 6. Food and beverage industry

Applications of Centrifugal Compressor  1. In gas turbines and auxiliary power units. 2. In automotive engine and diesel engine turbochargers and superchargers. 3. In pipeline compressors of natural gas to move the gas from the production site to the consumer. 4. In oil refineries, natural gas processing, petrochemical and chemical plants. 5. Air-conditioning and refrigeration and HVAC: Centrifugal compressors quite often supply the compression in water chillers cycles. 6. In air separation plants to manufacture purified end product gases. 7. In oil field re-injection of high pressure natural gas to improve oil recovery.