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What is meant by catalytic converter ?...................


What is meant by catalytic converter ? Briefly explain with the help of neat sketch.


Catalytic converter:


harmless gases. Catalytic converter is used in exhaust emission in control system to convert CO, NOx, HC and other harmful gases to harmless gases. A Catalytic converter consists of a cylindrical unit of small size like a small silencer and is installed into the exhaust system of a vehicle. It is placed between the exhaust manifold and the silencer. Inside the cylindrical tube i.e. converter there is a honey comb structure of a ‘ceramic or metal’ which is coated with ‘alumina base’ material and there after a second coating of precious metals ‘platinum, palladium or rhodium’ or combination of the same. This second coating serves as a catalyst. A catalyst is a substance which causes a chemical reaction intro the gases. When the exhaust gases pass over the converter substance, the toxic gases as CO, HC & NOx are converted into harmless gases as CO2, H2 & N2.