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Explain in brief the importance of ‘Super Charging’.

Supercharging: The power output of an engine depends upon the amount of air inducted in cylinder per unit time, the degree of utilization of this air and the thermal efficiency of the engine. The amount of air inducted per unit time can be increased by increasing the engine speed or by increasing the density of air at intake. As engine speed increases, the inertia load, engine friction, bearing load increases. The method of increasing the inlet air density is called as supercharging. It is usually employed to increase the power output of the engine.

What is ‘Scavenging’ ? List any two types of ‘scavenging’.

Scavenging: At the end of expansion stroke the combustion chambers of a two stroke engine is left full of products of combustion. This is because unlike four stroke engines, there is no exhaust stroke available to clear the cylinder of burnt gases in two stroke engine the process of clearing the cylinder after the expansion stroke is called scavenging process. The scavenging systems are as follows : 1. Uniform scavenging system 2. Cross scavenging system 3. Loop or reverse scavenging system

Enlist the four effects of subcooling on the performance of V.C.C. refrigeration cycle.

The process of cooling refrigerant below condensing temperature for a given pressure is known as sub cooling. -Due to sub cooling the refrigerating effect increases or for same refrigerating effect the circulation rate refrigerant decreases and therefore COP of system increases. Thus sub cooling is desirable & is done to increase refrigerating effect & COP of system


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